Maliba Lodge – Rise from the Ashes


Untitledmaliba tragedy 223

Trust manager Hali, August:

It was on the 24th of July around 12 O’clock mid night when Mr. Elliott, Maliba General Manager heard popping sounds. He looked through the window and he was welcomed by the sudden blast of light that expelled all the darkness as if it midday. He did not believe what he was seeing but immediately he ran to the staff village to tell other staff to come and help. Guests were evacuated immediately to River Lodge and the staff spent the rest of the early morning containing the fire to the main reception area. In no time the main lodge was gone, only ashes were left. Maliba was built in 2008 by many who are still working with us today, and who had to watch as their lodge burnt down. A devastating scene but with it has come an urgency to start again and rebuild from the ashes.

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